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Lisandro Adrover * Biographic

Born May 3rd, 1945, in San Pedro, a city near Buenos Aires, the master Lisandro Adrover, in parallel with soloist instrumental career, developed an extensive activity as composer, arranger, and director, thereby gaining himself a reputation as an extraordinarily intense, original musician, both in Argentina and abroad.

He began his bandoneon studies at age 9 with Oscar Luengo, followed by formal study of harmony, counterpoint, and composition at the National Music Conservatory. Later he trained with the great Pedro Aguilar.

At the age of 14 he made his professional debut in LR6 Radio Mitre and L36 Radio Porteña, soon to be followed by Radio Belgrano, El Mundo, Splendid, and Argentina. In 1968 and 1969 he traveled Europe to further his studies to later in 1970 join the orchestra of Jose Basso with whom he toured several times in Japan and the USA. He continued with this group until 1975 when he separated to begin working as a soloist, via participation in Tango Trio and directing different musical groups.
Some highlights include his participation on stage with musicians of caliber such as Osvaldo Piro, Roberto Goyeneche, Ruben Juarez, Raul Lavie, Alberto di Paulo, Leopoldo Federico, Nestor Fabian, Dyango, Susana Ribaldi, Armando Manzanero and countless others. Between 1976 and 1978 he joined the orchestra of the great Osvaldo Pugliese as musician and arranger. In 1979 he completed a tour with Ruben Juarez in France and with Miguel Barbello founded the Porteño Ensemble to record the LP "Waking up in Buenos Aires"
His impressive influence on the world of tango and music in general between 1980 and 1985 sparked an intense recording and broadcasting activity inside and outside of the country.

In this same period he performed as the first bandoneon player in the orchestra of Osvaldo Berlinghieri with whom he worked in conjunction to edit the album "Romantic City" for Warner Brothers.
In 1984 he joined the company Tango Argentino to tour the USA, Canada, Venezuela, Europe, and Japan.
During his stay in the USA he recorded the soundtracks of many movies for Hollywood. In 1986 the touring to Japan of the Quintet of Osvaldo Berlinghieri interrupted momentarily his work with Tango Argentino. From 1990 onwards he composed, directed, and arranged the music of the internationally acclaimed Forever Tango, a success for which he has earned unanimous praise from the public, his peers, and the critics.
In 1993 he composed the double orchestral concierto for bandoneon and cello, debuted by the San Juan Orchestra, directed by the maestro Merenson, and accompanied by Luis Bravo on cello.

This same year he was invited by the oranizers to the prestigious Cosquin Festival to carryout the event´s conducting and musical arranging.
In 1995 he composed, arranged and directed the tango music of the soundtrack to the movie filmed on Broadway The Imposter. He readapted the arrangements of Forever Tango and performed with this group´s United State´s concert tour with the celebrated Boston Pops.
The overwhelming reception of this event motivated the Colon Theatre to open its doors via Forever Tango to the arrangements and direction of Lisandro Adrover.
In 2000, to the surprise of many, one of his original songs was used by one of the medal winning ice skating couples in the Sydney Olympics. That November, amongst other productions, he recorded the double orchestral concierto for bandoneon and cello, soon to be edited in the USA.
In January 2001 he edited the CD Tango, Essence and Afterwards, together with 21 musicians and an original scheme of his creation.

In 2002 he arranged and composed music for the award winning argentine musical Tanguera, winner of no less than 5 Martin Fierro awards and the Clarin Show Award and which was acclaimed between 2002 and 2003 in Buenos Aires, Spain, Mexico, china, and other countries.
In August 2002 he edited with his Quintet the CD Tanguera, in which he inserted original works and pieces by renowned musician stamped by his unmistakeable arranging style. From November of 2002 to early 2003, in a performance run lasting 6 months, he could be seen and heard with his Quintet in Recoleta Tango inside the Alvear Palace Hotel.
In 2003, his original pieces and arrangements were included in the the show "Tango Looking to the South" belonging to the famous ballet dancer Maximiiliano Guerra. In concert during 2002 and 2003 he was contracted as bandoneonist, arranger, and conductor for Tango Emotion, a show opening in Germany with Mora Godoy, and presented in Holand, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and other countries,with great success everywhere.
In March 2003 he directed none less than the Metropole Orchestra of the NPS Radio Netherlands with which he gave with his Quintet two concerts before full halls in Utrecht and Laren. These concerts included a full repetoire comprised mostly of his original pieces and were received warmly with standing ovations. It is worth noting that these were works had never been heard by these audiences. These concerts were recorded live and later edited to CD and DVD conjunctively in Europe, the USA, and Argentina.
His activity didn´t subside in 2004 and was declared an illustrious citizen of his native San Pedro where he gave a concert before a packed auditorium of 800 people.
Later his CD Buenos Aires 2004 was edited, which sparked a series of performances with his Quintet in various halls of Buenos Aires. In the second part of 2004 he performed continuously throughout Buenos Aires city and province, Cordoba, Rosario, Tucuman, Bariloche, and internationally.
Many of these performacnes, thanks to the stage production, had as an ingredient a tango couple dancing to help them distinguish as much from the music as from the choreography the different tango styles called tango orillero, milonga and tango salon.
In August 2004 the Cultural Commision of the Honorable Legislature of the City of Buenos Aires, introduced unanimously a statute to declare him Outstanding Person in the City of Buenos Aires in the field of Culture for his great contributions and accomplishments to this sphere both in and outside of Argentina.
Specially invited by the organizors of Art´s Week in September 2004, Lisandro participated with his Quintet in the Gallery Night ending the Art´s Week. For this occasion he performed onstage in an open air concert in Plaza San Martin.
In November 2004 in Buenos Aires, with the Camera Orchestra of Mayo, he debuted the show titled "The 8 Seasons," as a tribute to Vivaldi´s 4 Seasons and the 4 Seasons of Astor Piazolla. This production recieved a standing ovation in December 2004 in the tour comprised of 6 concerts throughout different cities in Mexico. Finally, a concert was added in which they performed tangos specially selected by the governor of the city of Morelia.
Due to the ensuing success of this tour the live filmings and recordings are edited into a CD and DVD of the highlights of these performances. In December 2004 he was invited by the Cultural Commission to perform in the Golden Salon of the porteño legislature in celebration on the 99th Birth Anniversary of Osvaldo Pugliese. That same month within the events for the Tango Day, invited by the Cultural Center of the Cooperation he gave a concert as a distinguised artist.
In 2005, besides his habitual artistic activity inside Argentina and abroad, he was invited to participate in the International Festival of Tango in Buenos Aires, for which he performed with his Quintet in the Theatre of President Alvear. Later and due to the great influence of his arrangements amongst followers and professionals of tango dancing, he and his quintet were invited to perform in various latin american countries to play live at different branches of the World Championships of Tango. It is noteworthy the frequency with which his music has been chosen by semifinalists, finalists, and champions as their competition music.
In the latter half of 2005, as in other times, the prestigious theatres Circulo of Rosario and Colon of Buenos Aires opened their doors to host the show "The 8 Seasons" together with the Chamber Orchestra of Mayo, which received a standing ovation and had encores, traditional tangos arranged specially by Lisandro for chamber orchestra.
In July 2005 and after the Honorable Legislature of the City approved unanimously the distinction which declared him an Outstanding Person in the City of Buenos Aires in the field of Culture gave a concert with his Quintet in the Golden Salon of the parlamentary building where they delivered him an honorary diploma and plaque.
From August to December of 2005 he had special sporadic performances in Argentina since his commitments abroad obliged him to travel amongst other places to various cities of the USA, where he performed together with the master Lenoardo Suarez Paz and a group of strings with a repertoire specially arranged for the occasion. At the same time he was on tour with Tango Fire, a dance work based on original music composed and arranged by Lisandro.
At the beginning of 2006 his CD Other Side was edited and is a reedition of original tracks recorded with an orchestra of 17 musicians and which has enjoyed good reception as much in Argentina as abroad.
In March of 2006, he was again invited to the Internation Festival of Buenos Aires, this time to open the grand outdoor milonga where 25,000 spirits delighted in dancing to the beat of his bandoneon backed by 8 musicians.

Recently he has finished a season of performances of Tango Fire in Argentina, which both the critics and public have recieved with jubilation.
The following months of the current year have found him recording original and unedited songs for the release of a new CD together with his Quintet and performing in traditional spaces of Buenos Aires and in the other provinces prior to another tour of Europe, Japan, and the USA, not only performing traditional tango but to also produce chamber and symphonic tango, which will include a world debut of his work the Argentine Suite, written for bandoneon, guitar, and chamber orchestra, which traverses with his composition of different musical genres belonging to Argentina, and of his double orchestral concerto for bandoneon and cello.
In 2008 signed an exclusive contract with Universal Publishing Group, which implies the edition of the scores of works of his authorship at world-wide level. Also during the months of September and December of that year, he edited his 2 new CDs; one of Symphonic Tango that it leaves on sale in the U.S.A. and Europe simultaneously, and another one with orchestra in our country, forming part of the Collection Divinitus 21 that is distributed by Universal Music.
In referring to live shows, between the years 2008 and 2009, he develops an intense activity in the outside, among which may be named as the most relevant, the tour by Europe and the U.S.A. displayed the Tanguera spectacle, that in its history it is carried out with live orchestra for the first time, and diverse presentations doing symphonic tango with the Metropole Orchestra of the NPS Netherland Radio, with a resonant acceptance on the part of the attending public.
Also, in the same period, he appears with his Quinteto and Typical Orchestra in several Latin American countries (Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, etc.) and sporadic performances in Argentina due to the intense activity developed abroad.

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